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Don’t Blink- A Doctor Who Fan Podcast

Aug 28, 2014

Peter Capaldi has now officially made his debut as the Doctor and Jeremy and David are here to to discuss it! In episode 01 of Don't Blink, David and Jeremy share their thoughts about Doctor Who season 8, episode 1, "Deep Breath." They talk about the new mannerisms of the Doctor, the transformation he went through as...

Aug 23, 2014

In this inaugural episode of Don't Blink, hosts Jeremy Hunt and David Ward take a journey through space and time in preparation for the new Doctor and a brand new season of Doctor Who!  David and Jeremy give a bit of their background and history with the show, share some of their favorite memories of the series,...

Golden Spiral Media Announces 9 NEW Podcasts

Aug 23, 2014

After a trial run of several new podcasts and hosts throughout the summer, Golden Spiral Media is ready to announce 9 new podcasts for the fall 2014 TV season!

GSMSquare-300x300Who is Golden Spiral Media? What started as The Fringe Podcast in 2008 and became Golden Spiral Media in 2011 is now a premiere podcast network! Golden Spiral...